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95 E Tabernacle St 2nd floor
St. George Utah 84770


It depends on your situation and how big your home or office is. Currently we are offering Free Estimates and 50% OFF your First Service! 

Our service depends on the pest problem we are addressing as well as the size of the property. We know your time is valuable, but we want to make sure that the best job is done!

Our Pesticide is 100% Environmentally Friendly! We kill the bugs without any worry of Family or Pets or Plants having issues.

Our Product is 100% safe for Kids and Pets! We are the #1 Environmentally Friendly Pest Control. 

Yes we do! All of our pricing is on a monthly schedule, and if you see any bugs in-between our visits, just call us and we will come out! 

We service all of Southern Utah!

The absolute most common pest in St George is Cockroaches and Black Widow Spiders. We have a list of common pests found here in Southern Utah on our Home Page: Pest Control St George Utah

Give us a call and describe your problem, or we will come out and take a look FREE of Charge!

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