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At EnviroGuard Pest Control St George Utah, our team of dedicated and experienced pest control specialists offers quality service for our residential and commercial clients. As St. George locals, we treat this city, its residents and businesses like family. We bring a deep knowledge of the local environment and have first-hand knowledge of the pest problems that plague the St. George area.  Our goal is to keep your family, employees and workers safe, while ensuring your pest problem is taken care of efficiently.  We are always mindful of environmental concerns and we only use pest control products that are highly effective and nature friendly. It’s time you learned why we’re the best in Utah: call EnviroGuard now for your free inspection!

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Cockroach infestation is one of the moat common pest problems here in St George. We live here because of the great climate, unfortunately so do these pesky invaders. Cockroaches in St George Utah can cause several issues in your home including spreading diseases like E-coli and salmonella. Did you know that cockroaches can produce more than 300 eggs in their short life span? So, if you see one cockroach, there are likely hundreds more you can’t see, and once they start reproducing, it’s impossible to stop without professional help. Fortunately, we have the tools to get rid of your German, American, Oriental cockroach infestation quickly, effectively and completely ECO-Friendly!

Cockroaches in St George Utah are usually nocturnal and seek shelter in your home for food and water. With the rate at which a cockroach can reproduce, an infestation can get out of hand within a short week. Our Eco Friendly Pest Control St George Utah will get rid of your cockroach problem without any harmful residue to your family, Pets, or Plants, and stop cockroaches from invading your home.

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Scorpions are a tough pest to eradicate and require specialized care in getting rid of them. What makes Scorpions St George Utah so hard to get rid of is the hard shell that protects their body from  the chemicals that used to kill them. We have a very effective and enviromentally  safe 


Ants are surprisingly one of the worst pests to have, they can be a very destructive to your home. Not only can ants get into your food, but they also can do damage to your home structure, electrical systems, and pets. We are the Pest Control St George Utah Experts and can provide the extermination of all kinds of ants with our ECO-FRIENDLY Pest Control. We Guarantee to get rid of your Ant infestation without damage to your Home, Plants, or Pets. We also will help you identify what is attracting the ants and how to avoid those things. St George Ant infestations usually start off with a few Forager Ants that are searching for a new place to colonize. We have exterminated all kinds of Ants in St George Utah including carpenter ants, field ants, pavement ants, velvety tree ants, harvester ants, pharaoh Ants , and fire Ants.


Deer mice are the most common mouse species in St. George, Utah.  They can create nests in garages and sheds or even during the winter months move indoors to try to stay warm.  Deer mice require little to no water as they absorb their water from the food that they eat.  They are usually nocturnal, so it is often hard to spot them, but sometimes they will move around during the day.  Deer mice are tricky little animals that can make eliminating them difficult.  They can enter openings that are 1/4” wide, vertically jump 18”, crawl through pipes and tunnels, and gnaw through a wide variety of materials.  They usually breed year round and a female can have five to ten litters per year.  A litter usually has six or seven mice in it so you can see that an infestation can happen relatively quickly.  Mice are known to transmit diseases to humans so control should be done only be a trained professional. EnviroGuard of St. George, Utah can help take care of any mice infestations you may have.  Call us today to set up a free inspection and estimate to get rid of your mice problems.

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There are over 600 species of spiders in Utah, but people usually encounter only a few of these. Hobo spiders are the most commonly seen spider because of the habit of migrating indoors from August to October to find mates. They are often found in window wells and sills, dark basements and between objects or in other undisturbed areas. Most of the time bites by hobo spiders do not cause any complications, but if a blister forms you may have a more serious problem. Wolf spiders are another common spider that is often mistaken as a tarantula. Bites by these spiders can be serious as well if the bite is big enough. Black widow spiders are considered the most venomous spider in Utah. I bite by a black widow can cause effects to the persons nervous system, which makes them a more dangerous spider. After a bite, the person could feel muscle cramps, abdominal pain, chills, dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea, fever, etc. These spiders are generally found in dark corners and crevices, especially in garages and sheds. Tarantulas are also a common spider here in St. George, Utah. In spite of their fearful appearance, tarantulas are harmless to humans. Their venom is relatively harmless. Tarantulas are nocturnal creatures, venturing out only after most humans have gone inside for the night so they can be more tricky to spot. If you see any of these spiders in your home call EnviroGuard pest control in St. George, UT to set up a free inspection to see what we can do to prevent a spider infestation.


Termites are a pest that can wreak a lot of havoc on your home causing thousands of dollars in structural damage if they are left untreated. But how do you know you have termites and what can you do to check for them? Termites are small white insects that look similar to ants, but are white. Look for these around the baseboards of your home and check your attic for signs of them. Another thing to listen for is a quiet clicking sound coming from the walls in your home. Termites usually consume wood from the inside out, so if you knock on a piece of wood and it sounds hollow, you could have a termite infestation. Termites also leave droppings, which are small black powdery substance, around the areas that they are infesting. If you notice any of these signs, Call EnviroGuard pest control as soon as possible. Most insurance companies do not cover termite infestations so its a good idea to have EnviroGuard inspect your home right away. If termite activity is found, EnviroGuard has treatment options available for your property. Contact us for more information and set up a free inspection today if you think you may have a termite problem.

We found this company by a reference from our realtor in St George, Utah and what a great choice! Not only is Emily a very helpful, understanding and professional person over the phone when setting appointments, but we are extremely impressed with the gentleman that comes to spray. Travis is always accomidating to our needs! He listens to our directions and pest problem spots and he takes care of it. He actually goes out of his way to check our entire acre for any ant hills, wasp nests and spider webs. Hes easy to talk to and it’s a pleasure to have someone we can trust to get the job done. Thank You Enviroguard and you better hold on to these employees!!!

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